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The evolution
of braking.

Nature evolves and gets better every day. So do we!

We have combined ingenuity and inventiveness with solution expertise and manufacturing power to shape the next evolutionary stage of Braking Systems.

iDBC² is a revolutionary 2-Box Braking System for your current and future brake application including ADAS Level 3+. Small packaging, easy upgrade, full redundancy for autonomous drive and compliance with VDA360, from 1 to unlimited.

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iDBC² leverages the advanced technology of X-Boost decoupled brake actuation and the proven capability of ESC modulation to deliver the full benefits of brake by wire with the security of two powerful braking actuators.

  • Well established and proven product
  • Superior Braking performance
  • No sleeping failures (RBU)
  • Systematic safety approach
  • Individual wheel control
  • Integration over CAN interface
  • No audible ABS noise in the cabin
  • Smart control
  • Separate power supply
  • Compact packaging

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